Monday, 13 November 2017

WT17 R5 combo

I wanted to show a wider range of skills this time, and I think very few people expected me to use 1p2h or fingercross (fc). I filmed more drafts for this round than previous ones, still wish I could do it better. Setting up angle for 1p2h is hard, first person (headcam?) is probably better but not really practical for WT-grade breakdown since my head moves .-.


Better angle of 0:01-0:07:

Alternate angle of 0:15-0:22 1p2h:

0:01 - 0:07 (slomo 0:26 - 0:38): flush sonic > fc21 IA rev, sonic 34-24 ~> thumb-pushed MA rev to 13, fc21 pass 12-23 (pen goes under index), fc23 ma ~> bust, square pass + fc23 inv tpass 123. I can't cross to usable level on right hand, so I trained fc on LH for quite a while. It's very fun doing stuff that I thought I'd never be able to do.

0:07 - 0:12 (slomo 0:39 - 0:48): inv side flush sonic + 0.5 rev spin on index PU to PD, kagami's +0.5 spin rev thing ~ pinky spread rev to LH. Could've made this part harder, but my consistency wasn't good enough.

0:12 - 0:15 (slomo 0:48 - 0:53): mirr raimo bak rev (interrupted start) 23-12 - is not a shadow. fl ma ring ss - fl ta ext - fl ma ring ss. Haven't used fl ta ext - fl ma ring ss in combo before, having hand go from PD to PU gives different effect to usual ss stuff that's always PU.

0:15 - 0:22 (slomo 0:53 - 1:09): demo vid above, powerpass - twirl rise T'3 - 1'2 - T'1. LH uses thumb, index, then thumb; RH uses ring, mid, then index. Not as smooth as I wanted, oh well. It's surprisingly hard trying to get consistent rotation speed as normal spinning for this part.

Next - some LH transfer > RH inv tpass rev index+pinky over thumb.

Ending - twirl rev rise 1'3 - 1'2 - 1'1. LH uses index, RH uses ring, mid, then index. Gives very different effect to the previous 1p2h twirl section. Followed by t-powerpass T1-T4.

My aim when making this combo was to show greater diversity of skill, especially in families of tricks I did not show before and that people did not expect. I feel diversity is important for WT, because it makes sense to pass someone who'll show interesting different stuff in next round over someone who'll just recycle similar stuff as before.

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