Thursday, 10 August 2017

WT17 R1 combo

Hello everyone, haven't posted here in a while. Anyway, this post will discuss my r1 combo, and I'll cover WT17 combos throughout the tournament as they come out in future posts.

DL: clip is cropped to 1200 x 900p, so the Google Drive player has it on 360p; it has proper resolution when you download it.

The selected draft with (comparatively) less bad control turned out to be the one I filmed at hospital accommodation instead of at home where I am used to recording, so I didn't get chance to adjust setup much. As a result, the lighting or exposure is not ideal -._-. The parts below are from rejected drafts which turned out clearer.

Starting (0:00 - 0:03 of actual combo): basically pinky fxxk idea translated into 14 slot, I still need to work on making this more like an around rather than an aerial. Added ring spiderspin (ss) rev 0.5 before the mirr powerpass too.

0:04 - 0:06 of actual: raimo bak 12-34 (over middle and under ring finger), a bit like bak and east sonic combined (?), which is fairly uncommon. Kept previous finger positions for inv sonic 34-14 ~> mid ss rev 0.5 to add to the effect of the ring ss rev earlier; the catch in 24 ring up was pretty annoying because pen kept getting stuck or there was excess wrist motion.

0:06 - 0:10: east sonic 12-34 > extended spiderspin rise (mirr powerpass rev on mid+ring ~ pinky ss → index+mid ~ ring ss → fl ta ~ fl ia ~ mid+ring ss). Wanted to try less common way of linking into power sequence; ext ss rise is also quite hard. 

For comparison, mid+ring ~ pinky ss is far harder than index+mid ~ ring ss (about 3x difference in records). Index+mid ~ ring ss is a bit harder than fl middlearound ~ ring ss, which is far far harder than fl indexaround ~ mid+ring ss (entirely different levels of practice and margin of error). Doubt anyone except powertrick addicts will really appreciate this as actual experience, but trivialising power sequences as 'just same power tricks' is quite stupid.

Next clips from random webcam filming of another draft, not from actual WT video.

 0:11 -  0:13: aerial hai tua and ss on different fingers. Different effect with aerials; and counter used for unexpected transition to non-power stuff.

0:14 - 0:16: middle fxxk - powerpass rev. fxxk in simple linkages is overused, so I tried linking it so something harder and more unusual; needs to work on control for this sequence, hand motion is less than earlier drafts but still way too much. Putting difficult tricks right after each other with no filler is fun, but quite annoying to record (especially late in combo).

0:17 - 0:20: pinky fxxk ~ index fxxk - pd ta ~ pd fl ia x 3. Definitely the least consistent part of the combo which I put as ending to maximise the difficulty, hand went out of frame when recording in so many drafts because it tends to move up during pd fl ia cont. Not satisfied with the index fxxk - pd ta transition in the actual combo, guess I'll work on that type of linkage.

Anyway, I wanted each part of the combo to show a variety of unusual hard tricks and harder variations of different linkages with less common structure, while having no filler material or easy links. Should definitely work on control, but this draft is probably best overall out of the over 20 drafts I filmed for it, for my current level.

Good luck Group H members and rest of participants!

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