Saturday, 13 August 2016

Solo breakdown and commentary

Brief commentary on my solo's clips in order of appearance ^^

Above folder has full video, individual combos and breakdown document. If you’re unsure of what happened, or you want to learn some linkages, then this will be helpful.

0:00 - 0:04 Bottle flip (cap landing) - only took 3-4 minutes trying total including adjusting water level, a lot easier than expected.

0:04 - 0:07 PD fl around fall variation - PD TA > handbust rev on index, index+middle, index+middle+ring, then index+middle+ring+pinky > PD fl TA, got lucky and landed within 25 sec of filming

0:07 - 0:11 Knife pun kan x 3 - Definitely riskiest thing with knife so far.

0:11 - 0:29 FS236 - starter from ‘annoying linkage vol 1’, had inspiration from menowa’s WT15 R6, also uses angled pinkyaround ~ pd fl ia to 14. Ringbak counter for finisher feels fun to do.

0:29 - 0:47 FS226 - old combo from January originally filmed for laye 3rd (which never came out), then sent for UPSB 4th (which was downgraded to normal UPSB spinfest due to lack of good submissions, still hasn't come out), one of favourite combos I’ve ever recorded. Slight lag/error before PD MA is annoying.

0:47 - 1:04 FS238 - with personal G3 and left hand cam, turned out pretty nicely (if only wiper in ending sequence was done better, oh well). Exec of angled middlearound from 12 was nice, has some good sonic + pass variations inspired by iteza.

1:04 - 1:10 [PD fl TA - handbust rev] fall - similar to opening minicombo, but with PD fl TA between each handbust rev, which makes it far harder to control - took over 40 minutes filming this sequence

1:10 - 1:30 FS239 - highlight is definitely angled around from 12 > fl ra ~ mid spiderspin rev > angled TA > wiper 23-24, probably combo with strongest material level in this solo, also one I filmed most drafts of (over a dozen on a free afternoon/evening I had). Originally intended to have slightly different starting with PD fl around rev after the wipers, but ended up being too unsmooth.

1:30 - 1:47 FS234 - with personal G3, invitation combo for san noken’s CV, some linkages inspired by iteza, also reused PD IA from 14 (middle curled, ring raised) that I came up with back in 2012 but did not use much recently. More focus on performance than pure material level, linking into the PD fl TA rev could be done better.

1:47 - 1:58 FC fl combo - I had idea of doing aerial adv SS like this long time ago (back in 2012), but never ended up using it anywhere. I only remembered I could use this when someone on UPSB shoutbox asked me if I would use fingercross in my solo. One day I’ll try index-middle crossed FL IMA ~> ring SS, perhaps…

1:58 - 2:01 - Owari no Seraph anime clip for music change

2:01 - 2:05 PD TA > PD fl TA x 6 - fun trick, hard to control properly

2:05 - 2:26 FS237 - technical combo with more power, found this one easier to film than most of the other solo combos.

2:26 - 2:41 Vain Japen 11th copy - turned out decent enough, hand stability during middle pass sequence could be improved

2:41 - 2:44 - short counter sequence inspired by mesi

2:41 - 2:45 MX aerial adv SS > [fl ma - ring ss] x 4 - catch wasn’t as clean as I wanted, extremely hard to record

2:45 - 3:02 FS242 - something with different feeling and content than rest of vid, using various counters

3:02 - 3:21 FS240 - filmed in a rush on night before leaving nurses’ accommodation at hospital, highlight is the rev sequence after starter

3:21 - 3:25 PD [fl ta - hand bust rev] x 3 - difficult to control, I see potential to integrate this into rev fl sequences or 1p2h fl combo

3:25 - 3:49 fl combo 2016 Feb 3rd - one of nicest 15-30 sec fl combos I’ve recorded, shows use of large range of power tricks and power transitions (fl ma - ring ss, fl ma - ring ss aerial, aerial adv ss, mirr pp rev - ring ss, fl ta - ring ss, fl ta - fl ia - ss, fl ia - ss, fl ta - multiple spin ss in addition to everyday stuff)

3:49 - 3:51 Ending pic - random photo of suburban street and trees I took when on rural hospital placement


  1. Lel on the commentary. I liked the first two combos of the solo.

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